Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our weekend in the snow, sledding and making our she/man snowman!

Sorry that it has been a while since I have updated my blog! We have been pretty buys!
Last weekend we decided to take a little trip over to the sand dunes to go sledding! Cody and I tried to remember the last time that we had actually gone sledding, and we both decided that it had been YEARS (we had definitely never gone together)! So we drove our little booties over the Big 5 and bought a 12 dollar sled and were off to the sand dunes! We had such a great time just hanging out with each other, weekends are heaven for us because during the week Cody LIVES at the Library (Science major) and I work so it is nice to take a breather and just be with my cute hubby! Cody also brought his snowboard with him, it was really funny to watch him go down the hills with ruger running his little heart out trying to attack the snowboard barking the whole way down lol...
I love this man SO very much. He always puts a big smile on my face.

Like the title of this post says we built ourselves a really BIG snowman! I left Cody for seriously 2 minutes so I could break some branches and bark off of a tree and as I am walking back over to him he has this huge mischievous smile on his face (he thinks he is so funny) and I look at the snow man and realise that it was more of a she/man snowman. Like I said Cody definitely knows how to make me laugh.

We had SO much fun!!
The End!

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Teryn said...

what a fun weekend! makes me miss the snow.. just a little bit ;)