Thursday, January 20, 2011

~*WiShFuL tHiNkInG*~

I had a very strange dream last night, first of all I will start by saying that I HATE being cold and I am not "diggin" all the snow that Rexburg seems to be dishing out.

I dreamt that Rexburg went from 20 to 80 degrees over night, and because we already have like 10 feet of snow it melted to quickly creating a huge flood and people had to swim in the streets

(as if they were cars, on both sides of the road) to get to their destinations, everyone was happy and we were all nice to one another I LOVED it. So when I woke up this morning and put Ruger on his leash to take him outside to do his business I was hoping that by some miracle I would be greeted by the hot sun and people swimming around in flood water. but nooooo I walk outside and about freeze my tush off as I behold fresh snow on the ground, and a very steady flow of snowflakes from the skies above me! Ugh!! This Texas girl is ready for the snow to be gone and warm weather to move in, practical? No way! Wishful thinking? Most definitely!: (

Darn you Rexburg and your 9 month winters!! haha... I'm so over it!

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Teryn said...

start saving and come enjoy some of my florida sun ;) there's definitely enough to share..hehe