Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekend in Driggs with our friends!

Shane and India have the Jan-March track off for school and will be living in the most adorable cabin in Driggs Idaho during those months. We are way happy about it because that means that we will spent a LOT of time in Driggs through the winter and hopefully hit up Targhee for some skiing and snowboarding. This is a picture of Cody and me at a mom and pop type place in Driggs, Can I say YUUUMM! The food was divine! haha.... Our adorable friends Shane and India Humphreys. Shane and his buddy have a way cool business (The have cool wood iPhone covers.) that he will be working with and India will be working for Targhee in one of the restaurants at the resort.
They have a hot tub!! YAY!!! There is nothing better then to sit in a super nice hot tub when there is about a foot of snow on the ground!

Cody took this picture of me before we got in the hot tub, I was wearing this swim suit the day I met Cody and he is obsessed with it! So he took a bunch of pictures of me in it that night haha... Nerd! : )

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Drew and Megan said...

hahaha thats funny about your swim suit, i can see why you're dang hot! how fun, wish we coulda made it.