Sunday, June 27, 2010

*Weekend in Pocatello*

This weekend Cody and me had the opportunity to go to Pocatello with our friends the Jones's. The Jones family had planned a surprise birthday party for their dads 60th birthday, we had a nice bbq in the park and got to chat with everyone and hangout with the kids. It was a really great weekend and we had a lot of fun seeing everyone!
This picture is of Cody and me at the park waiting for the birthday boy! : ) Cody, "goose" and Clair

We love out friends!

This little boy had the most BEAUTIFUL blue eyes!!

The Jone's Gang : ) Such a beautiful happy family : )


Trevor and Angie said...

We were so bummed that we missed you guys!!! We were camping and just got back last night. And it looks like you were at Ross park, which is about two minutes from our house. DANG IT!!!!!

Drew and Megan said...

you are so hot.

The Gough's said...

Cute Mortensens!!! It was so good to see you last weekend. I think that Nolan may have a little crush on you Kylee.

Claire and I signed up for the race if you want to join us! (Just the 10k though...)

Hope to see you again soon! Dustin & Shondel