Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cody's NASTY leg! : (

Last Wednesday Cody's intramural softball team played a game and were given new rules, one of the new rules was that you had to slide into home if it was going to be close. So Cody gets up to bat and launches the ball way into the out field and took off running around the bases, as he headed toward home plate he had to slide because it was going to be a close call. Cody had his favorite pair of basketball shorts on that night and all that went through his head as he started to slide was "I don't want to ruin my shorts" so instead of sliding into home like a normal person would he tucked his leg under his but to insure that he didn't ruin his shorts and this was the outcome.... Now Cody being the tough guy that he is decided not to go into the doctor right away to make sure that it wasn't infected. instead he wanted to wait it out to see if it would heal on it's own. BAD IDEA!!! He got a REALLY bad infection and by Saturday his whole leg was swollen from his knee down and his leg hurt so bad that he could hardly stand to walk. So Monday afternoon Cody finally went into the doctor and they gave him some antibiotic shots and a prescription to take some pills for the next ten days. He went into the doctors for his second shot today and his doctor told him that if he would have left his infection for another week it could have spread into his bone, and he could have had to go to the ER for surgery....SCARY!! Needless to say I am SO happy that we took him in and hopefully it will get better soon!!
This whole thing happend in the first five minutes of his game and he ended up finishing playing the rest of the game with a sick nasty leg. The bad part is that they freakin lost their game! So he slid for nothing, poor Cody... : (


Derrik and Claire said...

Oh my goodness! I didn't realize it was that bad! I'm so glad you guys got it taken care of in time!

Denise said...

OUCH! That is DISGUSTING! Poor Guy

Trenton + Brooke said...

Oh no!!