Sunday, June 20, 2010


I have finally been reunited with my cute husband Cody!(about 2 weeks ago) It is so GREAT!! I have missed him like crazy and am so happy that we can be together again. Cody is always insanely busy with homework while I have been busy looking for a job. Even though we are super busy we still find time to hang out with friends and go for hikes. Rexburg is beautiful, and I have loved being far... haha This picture below is of Cody and me and our friends Shane and India, we went and watched Cody's cousin sing in a school competition. We have found out that Ruger is quite the out door nut and LOVES to go on hikes with us! We Hike about 5 for 6 miles every weekend and love it!

THis picture was taken about 5 seconds before the weather turned on us and it started raining cats and dogs and we had to sprint about 1/2 mile to the car haha...

Cody being cool lol... I sure love this man! : )

We went to the Civil Defense Caves with our good friends Clair and Derrik Jones, we had an awesome time and hope we can do it again sometime soon! : )

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Teryn said...

great update :) glad your back together with your husband!! you look beautiful as always :)