Monday, August 11, 2014

Update :)

Thank you to everyone who read my emotional word vomit in my last post, it is a miracle that anyone was able to make it through the entire post my thoughts were so jumbled. I wanted to post a quick update on my situation to let everyone know what was going on.
We went in to see my doctor the day after my ultrasound to confirm everything that I already knew, my poor doctor came in and basically told us that there was no easy way to say what he had to say but that we had lost this pregnancy and began giving us options on what steps we should take next. He said we had three options, one was he could give us some pills that I could take at home that would pretty much make me go into a "labor" so I could pass the baby that way, he told us this option isn't his favorite because it is more painful and you bleed quite a bit. Our second option was to allow my body to get rid of it on its own, the only problem with that was that the fetus had been dead in there for the past three weeks and hadn't passed yet and he was unsure how much longer it would take , he said I could pass it in a week or it could possibly take a few more weeks everyone was different. Our last option was a d&c where he will go in surgically and remove the fetus and clean everything out for me that way. I remembered that my sister in laws first pregnancy was similar to the one I have just experienced in her body did not get rid of the baby either and she was eleven weeks and the baby had passed at seven, she told me that her doctor had given her the pills to clean her out and that it was the most painful thing she had experienced and she ended up having to go in and do a d and c anyways. I also knew that I didn't want to just continue carrying my dead baby in me any longer than I had to either so I chose to do a d&c and we will be getting that done tomorrow morning. I am scared to death, I haven't done a surgery since I was a volleyball player in college and had to do shoulder surgery, I know that everything will be ok and that all will work out the way that it is suppose to in the end. Heavenly Father has been my constant companion these past few days and I am so grateful to know that he loves me so much that he will comfort me and take all of my sorrows and pain away. I can't describe the way that this has changed my life, I know now that the quote "faith in god means faith in his timing." Has never been more real and true in my life. Thank you again everyone for your love and support.

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