Friday, September 14, 2012


Cody and I have been together for over five years now and we celebrated our four year wedding anniversary on July 10th It is insane how the older I get the faster the years seem to come and go! I love Cody more now then I did the day that we were sealed together in the Idaho Falls Temple, I love that he gave me the opportunity to be a mother and I love watching him be such an amazing father. Cody you are my best friend and I am so incredibly grateful to have you in my life, thank you for being the great man and father that you are.

 Yay He did it!! Cody graduated from BYUI the end of July in Exercise Physiology with a minor in Chemistry. We are currently living in Fruitland while Cody finishes his internship and gets shadowing hours AND prepares to take the MCAT in January. Phew! We have a busy schedule!
 Shortly after moving back home Cody, River and I went to the Boise greenbelt with Teryn and her two girls to hang out for the day.

 Our first family picture together...
 River hit her two month mark and we took some cute pictures of her to compare from when  she was first born.
 What a doll! I just love those cheeks!
 What else happens when you hit the two month mark? Oh your baby has to get shots! :( Such a sad day!
 River loves her daddy

We went to Utah for my best friends wedding!

 I love this girl!!
 Yay for three months!!haha... Her dad loves her john deer camo shirt.
 My little beauty
 I sure do love this little lady of mine!

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Anonymous said...

It has been a busy busy few months!! I can't believe how fast River is growing!! You are one HOT MAMA! love you!