Monday, June 25, 2012

Our Little Lady....

River Rose Mortensen
6 lbs 14 oz

We welcomed our beautiful baby girl into the world on Wednesday June 13th at 12:40 pm. She was 2 weeks and 5 days early and we are so grateful that she came here healthy and strong and have enjoyed every sweet moment that we have had with her.
I guess you could say that my birth story began when I went in for my 36 week appointment and my doctor felt my belly to see if the head was down like it should be and he quickly realized that her head wasn't only down and low but in his words her head was "LOW low low" We even did an ultrasound to make sure that what he was feeling was in fact her head. Sure enough it was. I went on with my week doing everything that I had been doing before (working out walking the dog etc...) I started getting contractions like crazy and they stayed consistent throughout the week, even though they were happening every couple of minutes they never really started to get more intense so I just blew them off remembering what everyone had told me about braxton hicks contractions and just asumming that, that is what was happening. So as I go in for my 37 week appointment and tell the doctor that I was contracting he decided that he needed to check me instead of waiting for the normal 38 week appointment check, when he checked me I was dialated 3 centimeters and my cervix was 3/4ths the way ready, but again I just asummed that this was normal and that we progress slowly? So I leave the doctors office and go home and workout for a couple hours and take my dog on our normal 3 mile walk. I woke up the next morning and had some more intense contractions but decided to go ahead and do my workout and walk my dog thinking that maybe they would just go away. That afternoon Cody, Sterling and I went to the temple and did sealings and a session, afterwords my back was KILLING me!! I thought that it was from kneeling during the sealings that we did and had Cody rub my back when we got home and I went to bed early. I woke up that night for my normal middle of the night potty run (when your pregnant you have to pee every 2.5 seconds I swear.) This was just before 2 am I got up and walked out my bedroom door when all of the suddon fluid started running down my leg, my first thought was "what the bunny? Are you serious? I haven't peed my pants since I was a kid!" I was so embarrassed until I went to the bathroom and stood up again to wash my hands and more fluid started to run down my leg. It wasn't the Woosh of fluid that everyone had told me would happen when your water breaks so I was completely confused on what was going on with my body. I walked into our bedroom very calmly and woke Cody up saying "ummm... I think my water broke, but i'm not positive let me call my mom." So I start trying to get a hold of my mom and sister and sure enough they confirmed the fact that my water broke and I needed to get to the hospital asap. On our way up to the hospital I started having crazy strong contractions that were one after the other and making it hard for me to even breathe, we walked up to labor and delivery and got gowned down and the nurse came in to check me and saw that I was almost 5 centimeters and my cervix was 80 percent ready (I will say that the worst thing in the world is getting checked! Holy cow it hurts! OUCH!!) I ended up laboring on my own for about 4 hours and decided I wanted the epidural considering that my contractions were right on top of eachother and making it hard to breathe.
The epidural is AMAZING!! I was able to relax and just hang out and wait for my baby to get here. When it came time to push my doctor was downstairs finishing a surgery so it was just Cody me and my nurse as I started to push, Cody ended up looking at the monitor and realized that the baby's heart rate was above 200 and continuing to rise, he brought this point up to the nurse and she acted like it was completely normal so I continued to  push for another 5 minutes when the doctor walked in and took one look at the monitor and saw that her heart rate was 214 bpm and immediately says " Her heart rate is WAY to high guys we need to get her out NOW!" so he got ready and pulled out the vaccuum to help pull her out quick so I start pushing again and she would start to move forward and then move back to where she was, after some adjusting she started to lower down with the assistance of the vaccuum, and then as her head starts to come out we realize why she was having such a hard time coming out, she was sideways, my doctor looked at me and said "Kylee I'm sorry but I have to cut you so we can get her out." I of course say ok and he cuts me and pulls her out so she could quickly be moved to the NICU nurses to ensure that she was ok. Even though the whole process was a bit stressfull and painfull she ended up being ok and healthy other then not being able to stableize her temperature for the first 24 hours. I ended up pushing for just over 30 minutes and am so grateful that everything went well and that we got our baby girl here alright.

 Proud daddy. Cody is such an awesome dad and he loves River so much! He told me that day that she was born that he would hold her and look at her and just want to cry, he loves her so much.
 Uncle Stir Fry was SO excited to see baby River, he came and visited 5 minutes after they moved us to the mother baby unit haha...
These pictures were taken 2 days before I went into labor. 37 weeks!

 My babies!! Ruger is so awesome with her and he loves her already!
 My sister mom and I set up a little photo shoot in my apartment when she was 3 days old. :) Teryn did a great job with the pictures! If your friends with me on Facebook you can see all of the pictures that we took that day. :)

 Claira and Abby love their new baby cousin! I cant wait for them to grow up together and be best buddies! :)


Melanie said...

Kylee Congratulations!! She is so precious! She's going to grow up to be a gorgeous woman just like her mother!

Lexie said...

That's such a sweet story! Lucky your water broke in your apartment! Still can't believe I missed this lil' miracle by two stinkin' days... For the millionth time, Garret and I can't wait to meet her!! :)

Ashley and Josey said...

Congradulations! She is so adorable.