Sunday, August 21, 2011

*Crazy Good Times*

Wow!! Yeah I would have to say that it has been a while since my last post. But I have a good excuse I swear! I have been insanely busy the past few months, I have hardly slowed down enough to enjoy life and all that it has to offer. I'm glad that I am taking the time to look back and remember everything that has happened since my last post. We have had plenty of highs and lows, tears and laughter and have learned so much along the way.
Sooo what has been happening in the Mortensen household since I last posted you ask? Well let me tell ya! My boys, Cody and Ruger celebrated their birthday on June 4th, My little brother got himself engaged, Cody and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary on July 10th and then school got out for the summer and Cody left to work for his uncle in MT and WY leaving Ruger and I behind in smelly ol' Rexburg all alone. : ( Oh but guess what?? Cody made it home for the weekend!! Yay! We had such a great time!

So on June 4th Cody turned 27! I know old man status right? And our baby Ruger turned 2. We spent the day doing all of Cody's favorite things like, hiking, shooting bows and guns, eating pizza and a whole lot of ice cream cake at his party with family and friends. All in all it was a really great night and we are so grateful to have such amazing friends! Thanks guys for making that day special for Cody!

Another highlight for the summer was my little brother Garret engagement to Lexie. Garret and lexie are such a cute couple and are so in love, they are a lot of fun to be around, you cant help but smile when you are with them. Lexie is the sweetest girl you will ever meet and as you can see she is absolutely beautiful. We are very blessed and excited for her to join the Kerby crew this October! Yay Garret!

Highlight # 3 Cody and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary!! 3years people! Where the heck did the time go? Seriously it is so crazy... I love my hubbs so much and am so grateful for him in my life, I learn something new from him everyday. He is such a great example to me with showing kindness to others and being a great friend. It is so fun to find your soul mate and honestly and truly enjoy all your little moments together. Cody thank you so much for choosing me and making me the happiest girl in the world. My love for you grows with each and every day I cant wait to celebrate many more years together. I love you babe!!

Now for the low part of summer, well scratch that there was a high and low. First of all Cody finished the semester strong ending with good grades. He is a pre-med major with a Chemistry minor so when he gets good grades it is a HUGE accomplishment!! I am so proud of that little terd haha... Any who, now for the low part of my summer vacation. A few days after Cody finished the semester he left to work in MT and WY with his cousin Dan, he is making good money but I was left here in crummy Rexburg to work at the hospital. I know that I should be grateful that we both have jobs and can save money but seriously have you ever been to Rexburg during the summer break? Let me just say no fun! Plus I am a big baby about being all by myself and when your hubbs only comes home if he has time on the weekend life can get pretty dull and lonely.

But guess who decided to surprise me this weekend with a little visit?? Yup that is right Cody babe did and I loved having him home! We were able to go get some sun at monkey rock and ririe reservoir, we hiked around a bit and just spent some much needed time together. It was such a wonderful weekend, I miss my hubbs already!

Cody and I before church this morning. : ) I love that boy!

Well that is all for now hopefully it wont be another 4 months before I write again. Take care!!


Teryn said...

sooo.. I'm deciding if I should comment or not since you NEVER EVER comment on my blog... but alas, I, the wonderful big sister, am going to comment on your blog to let you know I read it and that I'm thinking of you ;) Glad Cody came home and surprised you this weekend! living apart stinks, I'll be so happy for you guys when you get to live together again! Love you!!

Jaymie said...

Yaay for being blog friends :). Im SO glad your hubby got to come visit you, it looks like you had lots of fun!

Lisa said...

Sounds like you had tons of fun! You guys are so cute! Miss you tons!