Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weekend in Salt Lake

I had the most AMAZING weekend! I was fortunate to go down to Utah for my best friend Kris Hymas farewell. She is going to Guatemala City South mission and couldn't be happier. Kris and I met playing volleyball at SLCC and immediately became close and she became a great example for me in my life. She was always a natural leader and so strong and encouraging to me and others she has such a beautiful testimony and love for the gospel anyone that knew her knew that she would be extraordinary things. That is how I know that she will be a great missionary and I am so excited for her!
Mary Stosich is one of the most amazing women that I have ever met! She really helped Kris and I both during hard times while in Salt Lake. She was a great example and I will be forever grateful to her. Kris and I went to see her and ended up staying at her house talking and laughing for about three hours. It was so much fun! I hope to see her again soon. By the way she has a book out at Desseret Book that you can buy, it's called "The Diamond Within" and is really good and inspirational, you should get it! :)
This is at Kris's house after she gave her farewell talk in church. It is so weird to think that I haven't seen some of these girls for about two years. The one on your left is Shay she was my coach at SLCC and is now the head coach at BYU, The adorable girl next to her was a teammate of mine, her name is Shanda and she just got married last Saturday so it was fun to catch up with her, then Kris, and me and Katy, she also played at SLCC for a year, she is so stinking cute and has the most adorable son I have ever seen. He is four months old, can you believe that she has a four month old? She looks AWESOME for just having a baby!
This was right before my mom and me took off... and right before the tears started for Kris and me. It was such a great weekend and I am so happy for Kris and so grateful to my mom for driving down with me.
While I was down in Utah Cody had to stay in La Grande because he had a game : ( It was just an Alumni game but I was still sad to miss it. From what I've heard he kicked some butt! So I cant wait to watch him in their first tourney next weekend! I will keep you updated! :)

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Teryn said...

awe... Kris will be a great missionary :) I didn't know that your old coach is now the head coach at BYU.. cool :) Looks like you had a great time!