Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day

Cody and I haven't had the best of luck onValentine's day for the past 5 years that we have been together. Our first Valentines day Cody was in AZ working for his uncle while I was stuck in ID. Although when he got home from AZ a few weeks later we celebrated it then and that was also the night that we got engaged, so we made up for it. Then Our first Vday as a married couple was spent apart he was playing college basketball and had an away game so I spent vday with my lovely family that had come to visit us is Gresham. Our second Vday as a married couple I thought for sure would be the ONE that we went on a nice date and had Cody and me time, but nope! haha... Didn't happen Cody's sister went into labor with her second baby girl on Feb 12th so the next few days including vday were spent ohhhing and ahhhing over the new baby and spending time with family. Then last year rolls around, I had started working in the hospital about 4months or so before vday and I was so happy and proud of myself because I hadn't gotten sick yet, until the day before and the day of vday, I was sicker than a dog with one bug or another! BLAH!! To make things worse Cody had class and was only able to come home every now and then to check on me and make sure I was still alive and then would have to leave again.
needless to say we haven't been very lucky on the day of looovvee until this year! No one was sick, or in labor, or out of town, it was just me and Cody and absolutely perfect!
 Our very late Vday celebration, on the night that we were engaged. :) 2008
 Cody was an all star bball player all through high school, and that didn't change once he was in college. His team was awesome and ended up doing very well that season. :) 2009
 Ms Daylie Brooke, she was a cute little bugger no wonder none of us wanted to do anything 2days after she was born! 2010
 This was what Cody got me from Great Harvest, I couldn't eat it for a few days, but it was well worth the wait once I was finally able to dig into it! 2011
 Valentines day 2012! I made cody a coupon book full of fun coupons for him to use throughout the year and got him a new map system for his hunting garmin, it has maps of ID, WY, and MT. He was so excited! Oh and I got him his favorite fruit snacks! Yum!!
 Boy oh boy does Cody know the way to my heart! I'm not a big gift person, I love  to give gifts but as far as receiving them people ask what I want for my bday or Christmas and I always shrug my shoulders and just reply I dunno?? If I really want something then I will save up the money and just buy it myself. So when Cody asked me what I wanted this year for Vday I responded as I normally do adding that all I ever want or need from him is a card. So this year he made me the best card I have ever received from anyone and got me a rose and some gum. I have this crazy obsession with fruit I could literally live off of fruit for the rest of my life so Cody made me the cute little heart you see above with raspberry's and blueberry's. Also I'm not a fan of chocolate at all, I never have been probably never will be, I am sour tangy candy all the way so of course cody got me some sour patch kids. :)
 Haha... We had planned on going out to a nice place in IF but as soon as we saw the new Chick-fil-A We knew we just had to get some nuggets from there! I was so happy with our decision, we didn't have to wait to be seated and then wait even longer to order and eat our food. Pure perfection!
 After eating our nuggets we went over to Cafe Rio to split a Tres Leches.... YUUUMMM!
Me and my GORGEOUS husband! Valentines day 2012! Our best vday date yet! :)


Teryn said...

I'm glad it was such a good date! I had forgotten you guys got engaged on vday! I loved your little trip down memory lane :) love you!

Cody and Kylee said...

Yeah we called it Valentines day the night we got engaged but really it was close to three weeks after vday haha... We just hadn't celebrated it yet so Cody used that to as a "decoy" date to keep me in the dark about him proposing. I had NO idea that whole night because I literally thought it was just a vday date. I remember thinking to myself the whole night "man this kid sure does go all out for valentines day"! haha...