Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Mortensen's Came to visit!

 Cody's Family came in town this past weekend and it was so nice to see them! I haven't seen his parent's since Christmas time last year so it was nice to have a chance to catch up. On Friday we went to Jackson Hole (if you have never been there I highly recommend you go!) Jackson is SO beautiful! We loved walking around and going into all of the cute little shops, I tried on a mink fur coat that was on sale for $80,000! Seriously why would someone spend that much money on a stinking coat?!? Crazy people! ha...

 On Saturday we went hiking around at these beautiful ponds that Cody and I found last year. Sheridan was hilarious and stuck to her moms side like glue because she was afraid of the animals. Towards the end of our hike she loosened up a bit and would leave about a foot or so in between her and whoever she walked with lol... She is such a doll.
 See what I mean?? She is going to be a heart breaker!! No Doubt!

 I love this picture of Cody and his little sister. So sweet. :)

 Sheridan still scared to death of the animals that we (DIDN'T) see lol... She was a little tired too so I don't blame her for being grumpy.
 Cody's cute momma. I love my In-Laws! Seriously they are the best and have so much love in their hearts for everyone. They along with my parents have helped me to realise what I want for my family, and the kind of mother I want to be in the future!

 Sheridan and me walking up to the "cool" rock that I told her about. I told her that it was the neatest part of the whole hike because you can see everything from there and no one else knew about it except for Cody and me, so naturally she let go of her momma and jumped on my back so I could show her our neat discovery.

 Check out how beautiful this place is!! I Love it!

 Sheridan and I on our discovery rock. haha... She didn't want to get off of it for a while.
 Karson and Sheridan headed back to the truck.

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Lisa said...

WOW! looks like you had a great time! the scenery is beautiful!