Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's a perfect day to be a princess : )

Today while Cody's parents were at a wedding I gave Cody's sister Sheridan and her friend Anica a royal makeover. It was so much fun! I started out putting a little bit of blush and eyeshadow on them and then finished the face with some "super sparkly lip gloss" (said by both girls) they were so funny talking about how pretty they looked. I loved it. I decided to put some ringlets in their hair and they kept referring to each other as Shirley temple (Anica) and Goldie locks (Sheridan). After the hair and makeup was done they went and put some princess dresses on with my high heels, I announced them at the top of the stairs to Cody and they came down loving the whistles that Cody gave them. haha... It was a really fun morning! This is one with me and the girls : ) Oh by the way my hair is dark now.

I love this boy!

Cody and me before we took off for the day. He referred to me as his beautiful princess, it made me feel pretty. : )

This is just a hair picture so everyone can see it. : )


Teryn said...

awe... Claira would LOVE a royal makeover from her auntie Kylee some time!

You crazy girl, you change your hair more than I do! lol... You look beautiful no matter what color of hair you have.. you would look hot with blue hair ;)

Kylie said...

wow kylee. you are so stunningly gorgeous. it makes me want to scream. you look FREAKING HOT. seriously. sooo beautiful.