Tuesday, September 8, 2009

One Year!

Cody and I celebrated our one year anniversary on July 10th 2009. It is crazy that it has been a year already, time really does fly. I love Cody more than anything and I cant wait to celebrate many more years together. For our anniversary I suprised Cody with a gun that he had been wanting for the past year a Ruger .380 LCP and all the fun accecories that go with it. Cody treated me to a weekend in Boise and a new puppy! We named him Ruger after Cody's new favorite gun lol... He is a cockapoo (cocker spanial, toy poodle mix). Cody loves our new puppy! It helps that they share the same birthday :)

So cute and so tiny!

Cody's Ruger

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