Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Cody and I lived in Gresham Oregon last year while Cody played basketball for Mt. Hood Community College. We thought that it was a pretty area (when it wasn't raining) So we went on a lot of hikes. In this picture cody and me had hiked and walked FOREVER and came to this beautiful river. Of coarse all those who know cody know that he didn't care about the scenery he wanted to know if it would be good fishing... Thats my man... haha..Game against Longview Washington, Mt. Hood came from WAY behind and pulled out a win in the last few minutes of the game. So exciting! They also played in the NWAAC tournament and ended up 9th in the conferenc.

After one of the home games...

Teryn and me At the Longview game... :)

One of our dates with some friends <3

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Russ and Teryn said...

yay! I love all the updates! Keep them up ;) Love you!